Spampoison is a small, non-intrusive piece of code, and anyone that owns a website would do well to put their small little link somewhere on their page.  You can even create a new page within your website and hide it from public view, but still link it so that the spam bots will follow it and get trapped.  Spampoison is good around the world, too.  The website is available in 70 languages.  Go let your site admin know about Spampoison today!

Spam News

Our spam news section provides up to date news on the latest threats that are likely to hit the inboxes of your employees. Cybercriminals are constantly changing tactics with new spam email campaigns, different social engineering techniques and new methods of installing malware and ransomware. By keeping up to date on the latest spam news, organizations can take timely action to mitigate risk.

In that regard, a spam filtering solution is essential. All it takes is for one employee to click on a malicious link or open an infected email attachment for an entire network to be compromised. A spam filter will check all incoming email messages and search for common spam signatures in addition to checking senders’ email accounts against blacklists of known spammers. Email attachments will be checked for virus signatures and hyperlinks compared to blacklists of known malicious domains.

Armed with the latest spam news, information security teams can send email alerts to their employees warning of pertinent threats that they need to be aware of.

This section also includes news on industry-specific attacks, in particular those that are being used to target the healthcare, education, financial services, legal and hospitality sectors.

How to use Spampoison

Email addresses are a hot commodity for a spammer who wants to compile as many addresses has they can in order to sell the list to shady marketers who will then cold message you to purchase products.  Spampoison is a simple piece of code that will not only keep spam bots off your site, but render them essentially useless to the owner.

To use Spampoison, just copy and paste a link to their site somewhere into your site’s coding.  When spam bots see the link, they’ll go in searching for visible email addresses, but get redirected back to Spampoison’s genius software that will feed the bot an almost never-ending list of fake, generated email addresses.  The end result is that the spam bot will be caught at Spampoison for quite some time (and gladly not on your own site), but the list of email addresses it collects will be essentially useless.

Spampoison assist form

Eventually, if enough sites use this approach, spam will die out forever.  If spam bots don’t provide actual email addresses, the lists they create will no long have any monetary value.  Imagine a world where you never have to worry about clicking a link in an email ever again!